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StationWeather for Aviation

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With Station Weather, you can easily analyze aviation weather reports, called METARs (Meteorological Aerodrome Reports) and TAFs (Terminal Area Forecasts). Both current weather and forecasts are displayed in a unique way which will make your preflight or inflight weather assessment much faster. You can view NOTAMs and runway information for every included airport.Want to try before you buy? Just search for stationwx on the store or go to related apps - there's a free version of StationWeather available!
Key Features:
- Unique and intuitive design: Station Weather is made for user experience. Analyze aviation weather reports in a few seconds, not minutes.
- Clips: Stations are grouped in clips, allowing you to quickly switch to a new set of related stations.
- Forecasts are displayed on a unique timeline, allowing you to view all TAF elements at a glance.
- Great for VFR and IFR pilots alike: You can choose to view the classic VFR/IFR badges or switch to ILS categories (NPA / CAT I / II / III), using your own defined company minima.
- NOTAMs are presented for every station.
- Runway Database: Using a worldwide database, you can now view runway information for every airport as well as their current wind situation.
- Complete Visual Decoding. StationWeather is doing the decoding process for you so you can focus on the actual content of the reports. The decoded reports do not only look gorgeous, they are also much more intuitive to read.
- World Map: Not only are all weather stations / airports accessible via a world map, they are showing their current flight conditions right on that map. This makes an assessment of a large scale weather situation much easier.
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